Welcome to Capital Security Bank

We appreciate your interest in Capital Security Bank

We are a fully-serviced private bank operating exclusively within the Cook Islands
We provides a distinct level of service to clients seeking to enhance their asset exposure and investment plan

A Capital Security Bank cash account will give you access to several different currencies, fixed deposits and worldwide money transfers all under the umbrella of a single account number.


Who can open an account with CSB?

Individuals, Companies (LLCs, IBCs, Limited Companies), Trusts Partnerships and Foundations may all open an account with CSB. 

Accounts for entities require additional information over and above that for an individual including constitutive documents and Ultimate Beneficial Owner details traced back to a natural person.

CSB can open accounts for almost any citizenship including those from the Cook Islands.


Am I required to visit the Cook Islands to open an account?

Whilst we welcome all clients to visit us it is not mandatory that they present themselves to open an account.

However, if an account applicant is not present in the Cook Island there are strict guidelines to evidence documents provided to CSB in opening an account. Please contact us directly if you require assistance in this regard. 


What benefit is there in opening a Cash Account with CSB?

We provide clients with, current accounts, fixed deposits, foreign exchange and other low risk investment options.

What currencies will I have access to?



What are the fees associated with opening and maintaining a CSB Cash Account?

In summary, there is an establishment fee of USD 250, and a USD monthly administration fee which depends on the net worth of your CSB account.  

Full details of all our fees can be found here


How do I move funds in and out of the account? 

Our clients find that sending signed instructions by email or through our secure document portal is the most convenient method of withdrawing or transferring funds from their account. To transfer funds to your CSB account you will need to initiate the transfer with your own account and use our wiring instructions.

Typically you also will need to send us supporting documentation for your transfers to and from your account.

Our friendly banking team are available and will be more than happy to assist you in all your transaction needs


Does CSB pay interest on my funds?

Yes. CSB pays interest on funds placed on deposit, rates paid are dependent on currency, amount and term of your deposit with CSB. 

Full details of current indicative interest rates can be found here


How do I keep track of my account balance?

We offer an online banking platform for our clients for balance and transaction viewing and secure sending and receiving of instructions.