A CSB Managed Investment Account gives clients the significant benefit of having fully managed investments, through a private investment bank.


What sort of investments can I hold in my Managed Investment Account?

There are very little restrictions on the types of investments you can have including stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies and mutual funds. The type of investments selected is a decision made through consultation between yourself and your appointed Investment Manager.


Who can I appoint as an Investment Manager?

CSB has relationships with a number of Investment Managers for you to select depending on your individual preferences. We do not recommend specific Investment Managers, that decision is yours and would welcome your existing Managers following your portfolio to CSB if that is your preference.


How are trades conducted?

Instructions are sent from the CSB account signatory to CSB. The requests can be sent via email or fax, but must be signed by the CSB account signatory. The requests are actioned the same day as received with the only delay being time differences between where the CSB account signatory is located, the Cook Islands and the custodians.


What is involved In opening a managed investment account?

Typically the same information as you provide CSB in opening a regular Cash Account is sufficient to open a Managed Investment Account. In addition however your specific Investment Manager may require additional information. We at CSB manage this process for you.