Welcome to Capital Security Bank Limited

We thank you for your interest in Capital Security Bank (CSB). As the only fully-service private bank operating exclusively within the Cook Islands,
CSB provides a distinct level of service to clients seeking to enhance their investment plan.

CSB offers its clients access to an investment trading platform allowing you to trade on more than 30 exchanges around the world. All assets are segregated by client at the custodian giving clients the confidence of security of their investments.


How do I buy and sell investments in my trading account?

You will have a secure access to your portfolio allowing you to see your investments and execute buy and sell orders as you wish. You will also see the range of investments available to purchase through the various exchanges. 


What reporting do I get on my portfolio?

Through your own personal secure online portal you can customise your reports as you wish. Your Online CSB account is revalued daily and the end of day value fixed so that you can view your total CSB Portfolio (Cash Account, Trading Account, Precious Metals Account and Investment Account) at one glance.

What fees are involved in establishing a Trading Account with CSB?

There are two fees charged for this service including an asset based account fee plus trading fees based on the transactions on your account. These fees are dependent on the amount of the account or security as well as the exchange the investment is traded upon.

For full details of fees please reference our fees guide.


What Investment Advice will I get from CSB in the purchase or sale of investments in my Trading Account?

CSB does not offer any investment advice.


What information is required to open a Trading Account?

Opening an account with CSB gives clients access, on request, to a Trading Account so it is as simple as opening a regular bank account with CSB.


What markets do I have access to?

  • AMEX - NYSE MKT (American Stock Exchange)
  • AMS - Euronext Amsterdam
  • ASX - Australian Securities Exchange
  • BRU - Euronext Brussels
  • CSE - NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen
  • FFT - Deutsche Borse (Frankfurt Floor)
  • FSE - Deutsche Börse (XETRA)
  • HKEX - Hong Kong Exchanges
  • HSE - NASDAQ OMX Helsinki
  • ISE - Irish Stock Exchange
  • LISB - Euronext Lisbon
  • LSE_INTL - London Stock Exchange (IOB)
  • LSE_SEAQ - London Stock Exchange (SEAQ)
  • LSE_SETS - London Stock Exchange
  • MIL - Borsa Italiana/Milan Stock Exchange
  • NSC - NASDAQ (Small cap)


  • NYSE - New York Stock Exchange
  • NYSE_ARCA - New York Stock Exchange (ARCA)
  • OOTC - OTC Markets Group (Pink Sheets)
  • OSE - Oslo Børs/Oslo Stock Exchange
  • OTCBB - OTC Bulletin Board
  • PAR - Euronext Paris
  • SGX-ST - Singapore Exchange
  • SIBE - BME Spanish Exchanges
  • SSE - NASDAQ OMX Stockholm
  • SWX - SIX Swiss Exchange
  • TSE - Toronto Stock Exchange
  • TSX - TSX Venture Exchange
  • VX - SIX Swiss Exchange (Blue-Chip)
  • WSE - Warsaw Stock Exchange
  • XETR_ETF - Deutsche Börse (Indices & ETFs)