Welcome to Capital Security Bank Limited (CSB)

We thank you for your interest in CSB. As the only fully-service private bank operating exclusively within the Cook Islands,
CSB provides a distinct level of service to clients seeking to augment their investment plan.

Gain access to fully allocated physical metals such as Gold, Silver and Platinum stored in your choice of either Liechtenstein or Singapore. Enjoy the ability to freely trade your holdings through our Liechtenstein custodian and avoid the requirement to pay Goods and Service Tax against certain investment grade gold, silver and platinum through our Singapore custodian.


What type of metals are available?

You will be able to access a wide range of metals including Gold, Silver and Platinum in ounces, bars and coins.


Can I sell my holdings and time?

Clients who require freely tradable metals are advised to store their metals in Liechtenstein which will give you the ability to sell/liquidate any portion of your holdings at any time. Clients who store their metals in Singapore will be limited to selling/liquidating their entire holdings as partial sales are unavailable. Once the metals are sold the funds acquired from the sale will be wired to your designated settlement account (wire fees apply) or if you hold a CSB Cash Account you can choose to have your funds deposited to this.

Is the metal physical or electronic?

All metal purchased through Capital Security Bank is real physical metal which is 100% allocated to the account holder. Upon request we can provide you with the details of the metal you hold including the serial numbers.


Can the metal be physically viewed or transported to another facility if requested?

Yes, the above can be arranged upon request.


How do I keep track of my account balance?

We offer a live online banking platform for our clients for balance viewing and secure instruction sending and receiving.